About Me

I'm a software developer in London, England. I'm a competitive problem solver and strive to build robust, high-quality systems. In June 2014 I won the Greed tournament held by CodeCombat, which received over 500 entries.

I am always trying to learn more about how we can improve the quality of software and I love trying out new technologies. I'm currently quite interested in Clojure and other functional languages — I think that the functional way of working is key to improving the correctness of programs and will become increasingly relevant as we begin to tackle more concurrency problems. I also hope to learn Rust soon, as its memory-safety features look very promising for low-level code.

I'm also a keen musician and enjoy singing and acting in musical-theatre type shows. During university I was a member of Bath University Student Musicals Society and took quite prominent roles in a number of performances. I can also play the guitar and just a little bit of piano.